Tips for Picking the Right Wedding Tiara or Crown

Tips for Picking the Right Wedding Tiara or Crown

If you are thinking about wearing bridal hair accessories at your wedding, there are many attributes to consider before making your final decision. Bella Tiara has laid out tips that will help any bride decide which wedding tiara or crown is right for the big day.

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Consider Your Hairstyle

Consider the hairstyle you plan to have on your wedding day. Having your hair down would require a wedding tiara to be halo style so you can adjust the placement. If you wear your bridal tiara with an updo, make sure it has loops on the end to stay secure. Learn more today!

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Your Wedding Gown

When picking out the right crown for your wedding, a bride needs to consider the design of the gown. Bella Tiara suggests looking for a bridal hairpiece that features similar patterns to your wedding dress. If you are still having trouble choosing a wedding tiara, take inspiration from women who have worn gowns with similar styles.

Scale and Proportions.jpg

Scale and Proportions

The scale and proportions of your bridal hair accessories are very important to make sure it accents your facial features. The shape of a bride's face will determine what wedding tiara will look the best. Round faces should wear a fuller tiara and long faces should wear smaller bridal tiaras.

The Veil.jpg

The Veil

Wearing a veil on your wedding day is a great accessory, but if you want to add a bridal tiara, you have to make sure they cohesively go together. If a bride decides to wear a smaller tiara, then a veil would be a great addition. But a bride that chooses to wear a larger tiara may not need a veil because the tiara becomes the design feature instead.

It’s never an easy decision to choose which wedding tiara or crown will be the best for you. Bella Tiara wants to help every bride feel confident in their decisions leading up to the wedding day. Get more tips today!

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