The Perfect Bridal Accessories for a Spring Wedding

The Perfect Bridal Accessories for a Spring Wedding

Spring is a time for fresh starts, so why not make your wedding day extra special with some beautiful bridal accessories? Here at Bella Tiara, we have everything you need to make your spring wedding a magical experience. From sparkling crystal hair vines to dazzling Swarovski tiaras, we’ve got the perfect pieces to make your day one to remember.

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Something Old

“Something old” is a symbol of continuity and a reminder of the bride’s ancestors and family heritage. This requirement is typically achieved by incorporating a family heirloom or part of your mother’s gown into your own bridal ensemble. However, for those who can’t find something old and meaningful to use, we offer vintage-style bridal accessories that can do the job just as well!

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Something New

“Something new” represents the bride’s new life as she enters into a marriage. This part is easy, as Bella Tiara has hundreds of modern and contemporary accessories you can use to enhance your wedding look. From tiaras to veils to jewelry, we offer everything you need to find something new that fits your style.

Beaded Bridal Veils

Something Borrowed

For a soft and romantic look, consider a beaded bridal veil for your spring wedding. Adorned with shimmering crystals and pearls, as well as breathtaking embroidery, our wedding veils will ensure you're the center of attention as you walk down the aisle.

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Something Blue

“Something blue” invokes the color that represents luck, love, and fidelity. While this accessory is traditionally incorporated as a garter, many brides today are using the opportunity to add a pop of color to their appearance. From beautiful blue earrings to dramatic blue tiaras, this part of the age-old rhyme has never looked so good.

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The last item in the rhyme is a “sixpence in your shoe,” but we think it’s safe to say you can skip this one. As long as you have the four items above, plus any other bridal accessories you need from Bella tiara, your wedding is sure to go off without a hitch!

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