Should the Bride’s Headpiece Be Floral or Jeweled?

Should the Bride’s Headpiece Be Floral or Jeweled?

Choosing bridal hair accessories should be exciting as the big day approaches. But it may be hard to decide which bridal headpiece will bring the whole wedding dress together. Bella Tiara wants every bride to feel elegant and to help weigh in on floral or jeweled headpieces for your special day. Learn more today!

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Benefits of a Floral Headpiece

A floral headpiece can be a great wedding hair accessory for any bride looking to bring an effortless style to their wedding. Brides should choose a floral wedding headpiece if they are planning on having a bohemian-style wedding. The floral headpiece can be full and dramatic or it can simply have a few flowers surrounding the headpiece.

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The Downside of a Floral Headpiece

As a bride, you should never ignore your personal style for the big day. Some bridal headpieces just won’t go with the theme of your wedding. Real floral headpieces have a bad habit of wilting on the day of your wedding. If you want your bridal hair accessories to last through the whole wedding, the floral headpiece might not be the best choice.

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Benefits of a Jeweled Headpiece

Brides that plan on having a glamorous, classic, or romantic wedding theme should consider wearing a jeweled wedding headpiece. This bridal hair accessory can enhance the elegance of your wedding and it may be just what you need for your wedding dress to come together.

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The Downside of a Jeweled Headpiece

Jeweled bridal headpieces can be a great addition to a wedding, but sometimes less is more. Adding multiple accessories on top of your jeweled headpiece can become a distraction. Bella Tiara suggests prior to your wedding, understand your gown's stand-out features and then choose your bridal hair accessories from there.

Bella Tiara wants to help brides be the best version of themselves. So, as you plan your wedding, choose the bridal headpiece that makes you feel the most confident. Shop wedding headpieces today!

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