How to Decide Which Wedding Accessories Are Right for You

How to Decide Which Wedding Accessories Are Right for You

It’s your big day, and it’s not like you get to look this good every day (but if you do hats — or tiaras — off to you). When you’re walking down the aisle and saying your vows, it’s important to look your absolute best, and to look how you want to look — not what the latest magazines and designers picked out for you.

We’re Bella Tiara, and we specialize in bridal beauty. We have a wide selection of wedding accessories, bridal veils, bridal headpieces, and much much more, but beyond that, we have the experience you can count on to give you the perfect wedding accessory, no matter what that is. Here are some of our suggestions.


Stay True to Your Style and Personality

Your wedding says a lot about you. It tells your guests what you value in decor, food, color selections, music, atmosphere, and more. Even if your wedding is space-themed, you should always stay true to your style and personality. So decorate as you please, and pick non-traditional wedding foods; just don’t apologize for showing the whole world who you are on your big day.


Incorporate colors

While style, atmosphere, and personality are important, so is beauty. After all, this is your chance to be the blushing bride, the belle of the ball, the sole focus of everyone’s attention. Wouldn’t you want to look your best? The caveat is this: looking beautiful should never compromise your style and choices, so wear whatever wedding accessories make you feel the most beautiful and like your authentic self.


Consider Your Venue

Will your venue be classy, rustic, casual, or fun? And where will your ceremony and reception take place, inside or outside? It’s really important that you also consider your venue type and accommodations when you’re selecting wedding accessories. Your guests will look to you and your partner to set the dress code and tone. A fun, beach-themed outdoor wedding in the middle of a cold winter might not be the best choice if you’re wearing a thin wedding dress.


Consider Your Comfort

Your beauty should never come at the expense of your comfort. Consider the length of your wedding accessories. A cathedral veil is ornate and beautiful, but if you wear it for the ceremony, be mindful of tripping over it when you’re walking down the aisle. The same is true with bridal hair accessories, like tiaras. Pick a good one that’s not going to hurt your head, or fall out while you’re dancing.

Wedding accessories might be large or small, but their impact on the tone of your wedding, and how they complement your beauty cannot be understated. Choose the right wedding accessories for you by shopping with Bella Tiara today.

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