Hacks To Keep Your Bridal Headpiece In Place

Hacks To Keep Your Bridal Headpiece In Place

Bridal headpieces can be precarious at times. They’re often perched atop the blushing bride’s head, and are held in by bobby pins, the sheer force of the bride’s will, or luck. At Bella Tiara, we specialize in bridal headpieces, because we’re in the business of giving every bride the tools to make herself feel beautiful. If you’ve been thinking about wearing a tiara, crown, or veil, read on to learn how to keep it on top of your head, not bouncing down the aisle.

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Tease The Underside Of Your Hair

Teasing the underside of your hair will help create volume in your hair, which can then give you more surface area to work with when you're selecting a bridal headpiece. Additionally, teasing the underside of your hair at the crown will hold things better as opposed to slicked-down wet or oily hair, which just becomes a slippery slope for your bridal headpiece to fall off of.

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Small, Hidden Ponytail

A very small, hidden ponytail gives your bridal headpiece a place to rest and will pull back some of your hair so you’ve got a more even surface to place your headpiece. Additionally, if you wear your hair long, a ponytail is easily covered.

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Hairspray First

Hairspray adds shine and hold, which is especially important if you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding. You never know when that stray breeze is going to bluster on by, throwing your immaculately styled hair all over the place. With hairspray, your styling stands a much better chance against any of the elements. Additionally, you can use hairspray to help with styling rather than just adding resilience.

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Curl An Area

Curling provides a serious lift in hold that you can’t get outside of a hairspray. Curled hair holds its shape much better, and is much stronger than loose or flat strands of hair. Additionally, curled hair just looks good. Check out some of our designs and see how curled hair can really complete your look on your big day.

Shop bridal headpieces today from Bella Tiara, and find the perfect piece that’s going to make your special day just a little more beautiful.

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