Bridal Beauty: Tiara Hairstyles for Different Wedding Themes

When it comes to adding style and tying together your wedding theme with your day-of look, there are all kinds of approaches to take. One of the most popular and easiest ways to incorporate your wedding theme into your bridal look is with your tiara and hairstyle! Here are four of our favorite wedding themes and the tiaras and hairstyles that pair perfectly with them!

Bridal Beauty: Tiara Hairstyles for Different Wedding Themes infographic
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Forest or Garden-Themed: Jana Tiara

When you have a theme that’s based around greenery, florals, or gardens, highlight the beauty of nature with some glam using the Jana Tiara! The organic, floral vibe of this tiara will tie in perfectly with your theme and bring elegance and glamour to your wedding look. This tiara pairs perfectly well with loose, flowing bridal hairstyles that cascade around your shoulders!

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Royal or Regency Theme: Bridgeton Tiara

The Bridgeton tiara is the perfect addition to a bridal look for a royal or regency-themed wedding, with its delicate and beautiful features! This tiara will pair perfectly with a loose French knot updo or a sleek, coiffed bun! The center detailing is reminiscent of fleur-de-lis, adding a touch of sophistication and royal flair to your look.

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Celestial Themes: Daphne Tiara

If your wedding theme is centered around stars, moons, suns, and other celestial features, the Daphne tiara is a perfect choice! With the star-like details on this tiara, you’ll embody the brilliance and beauty of stars and the sun! Pair this tiara with a half-up, half-down hairstyle or waves in a down-do to allow this tiara to really shine!

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Fantasy-Themed Weddings: Serafina Tiara

Fans of elves, fantasy heroes, or just fantastical settings will love the understated, yet elegant beauty of the Serafina tiara! Whether you’re trying to embody Tolkien elves or high-born creatures from another fantasy world that you love, this tiara will go perfectly with intricate hairstyles full of braids and twists.

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