Best Hairdos to Show Off Your Hair Vine

Best Hairdos to Show Off Your Hair Vine

If your wedding is coming up, you are probably going through all of the pre-wedding planning stages. These are some of the most exciting times, leading up to one of the most important days of your life! At Bella Tiara, we have elegant bridal accessories that are designed to complement your beauty and help you stand out even more on your wedding day. Our hair vines are some of our most popular bridal accessories and they create a stunning hair piece for the bride. Keep reading to learn about the best hairdos to complement your hair vine from Bella Tiara!

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Classic Updo

When it comes to your bridal hairstyle, you can never go wrong with a classic updo. This style is elegant and classy, and is perfect for our hair vines. When you pair an updo and our hair vine, you can really bring attention to the details in the hair vine. All of our hair vines dazzle with Swarovski Crystals and are an accessory that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

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If you prefer to not have your hair all the way up in an updo, a half-up hairdo is also a great alternative to match with our hair vines. A half-up hairdo allows most of your hair to be up and out of your way while keeping some strands down, especially around your face. We have many different styles of hair vines, and many of them pair beautifully with half-up hairdos!

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Boho Braid

Boho braids are becoming an increasingly popular hairstyle for brides. A flowy and elegant braid accents our hair vines perfectly. Braids intertwined with our hair vine creates a timeless look that you can look back on in awe forever.

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Whether you prefer curls infused with volume or you like to go for a more beachy curl, our hair vines can accent your curled hairstyle on your big day. Stun your guests and shine in all of your wedding photos with a crystal embedded hair vine paired with your beautiful curls.

You deserve to shine on your big day, and our hair vines will complement your already beautiful essence. Whether you like minimalist looks, or you want something that completely stands out, you can find your perfect bridal accessories at Bella Tiara. Shop our wide selection of hair vines online today!