4 Misconceptions About Bridal Accessories

4 Misconceptions About Bridal Accessories

Planning your wedding day look can be incredibly stressful, and it doesn’t help that so many misconceptions exist around the topic. From myths about dresses to misunderstandings about accessories, many brides-to-be don’t know what they need or what they should choose for their ensemble. That’s why the team at Bella Tiara is here to dispel four common misconceptions about bridal accessories, so you can shop our store with confidence!


Misconception 1: Accessories Should Match the Dress

This is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to accessorizing for your wedding. While it’s nice to have accessories that coordinate with your dress, there is no need for everything to match perfectly. Instead, look for pieces that complement the dress and create a cohesive look. To help you do so, Bella Tiara offers a wide range of bridal accessories that can be matched to any wedding dress for a unique, elegant look.


Misconception 2: You Have To Wear a Veil

While veils are very traditional in bridal looks, they are not a requirement. There are plenty of other options available to complete your look, such as headbands, hair combs, and other hair accessories. At Bella Tiara, we have a variety of veils and headpieces for you to choose from, so you can express your individual style any way you want.


Misconceptions 3: Tiaras Are Outdated

Tiaras are making a comeback in modern bridal looks, as they can be a great way to add a regal touch to your appearance. Our wedding tiaras and crowns feature stunning Swarovski crystals, intricate designs, and comfortable sizing to make sure you look and feel amazing throughout your wedding ceremony.


Misconception 4: Bridal Jewelry Is Expensive

Bridal jewelry is often assumed to be expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At Bella Tiara, we offer affordable bridal accessories that will fit any budget. From beautiful earrings to matching necklace sets, we have jewelry options that look spectacular without costing a fortune.

Look Stunning on Your Beautiful Day

By steering clear of these common misconceptions, you can ensure you’re making the right decisions and finding the perfect pieces to complete your ideal look. Bella Tiara is here to help you every step of the way, so explore our collection or contact us with any questions!

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